Social media Marketing

Building and maintaining your online brand is at par with being open for business. Your existing client base and potential customers are sharing their opinion about you, your services and your products across social media platforms whether you participate or not. Social media Marketing

Consequently, your engagement is imperative to maintaining your reputation and customer loyalty. Over 76% of adults use social media to communication, research, purchase, recommend and review businesses. You NEED to be where they are. Social media marketing is now imperative to the success of any marketing plan.

Brand Awareness

Before you can build a relationship with a potential client, you need to reach them and capture their interest. Search engine ranking along with a strong social media presence will drive you to them but it’s a clear understanding of who they are and what they are looking for that will retain their attention.  You need to be where they are in order to engage them with relevant and humanized messages.

Creating Relationships

So you got their attention. Now what? Your next next step is to build and maintain a relationship with your potential client by engaging them with useful content. You potential client is here to learn and gather information about your product until they are ready to purchase. Your campaigns and paid adverts should offer tailored information and special offers.

Customer Loyalty

Your ultimate goal as a business owner is to gain loyalty from each client. Selling to them once is great, selling to them always should be your end goal. In social media that means keeping up with their needs as a paying customer and being very attentive to their feedback.

This is where your online customer service needs to be as impeccable as the customer service you provide offline.  More than 50% of online users expect a response from a company within an hour. Fo those with a little more patience, that time is only extended by a day. Having a procedure and team already in place to maintain your online reputation is paramount to retaining customer loyalty.

Building Advocacy

Whether you decide to participate in social media marketing or not, your existing customers and potential customers are talking about you online. If you do not participate in that engagement, you risk compromising your online reputation and neglecting a big part of retaining business: customer relationships.  On the other hand, engaging with customers, addressing their concerns, thanking them for their loyalty encourages word of mouth business and glowing recommendations.

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