Cost of Creating A Social Media Team

Social Media Department

The cost of creating an in-house social media team or online marketing department is the same as launching and maintaining an online business.

Social Media Department

The amount of expertise and knowledge of an in-house social media department versus outsourcing to an agency is relatively the same. The major difference and the deciding factor lies in the cost.

In order to compare both services, let’s take a look at the types of employees and skills it takes to manage your online brand.

Graphic artist: $40,780 per year

The graphic artist would be in charge of branding your content and integrating within the context of specific social media platforms. For example, Linkedin headers and profile images are not the same as Facebook or Instagram headers. Posts across social media platforms also differ in both size, content and functionality. The graphic artist will have to work with the content creator ( writer , videographer, photographer) to ensure that the formats and branding style of your company are respected.

Web Developer: $58,699 per year

Your online marketing team will need to keep the website fresh with content (written, video, or photographs) and reflect your company’s brand and culture.  Generally, web developers don’t make good graphic artists and vice versa. Therefore it would never be recommended to ask a developer to design your newsletter. It would be similar to asking your plumber to design our ensuite bathroom or your electrician to plan your home’s interior design.

SEO expert: $46,038 per year

Your website and posts need to be in line with Google’s ever changing algorithm. All the freshly designed and coded pages on your website need to be optimized and indexed by Google. SEO experts can also manage your Adwords and save you a ton of money that you would otherwise spend learning through trial and error. Yes, it could cost thousands of dollars to pass the learning curve. Yes, an SEO expert can get there for a few hundred dollars much quicker and with no learning curve.

Social Media Manager: $54,238 per year

Social media managers are your golden ticket to exposure. At there minimum, they will manage all your posts and online community across all social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook. Instagram, and least of all Twitter. They will know how to rework the content according to the platform and how to interpret statistical analysis to tweak future posts.

Marketing Manager: $$78,141 per year

You need a babysitter with an analytical brain and degree.

Writer: $40,494 per year

Content is King. Content is King. Just in case you missed how important content is for both your online brand, marketing and ranking – Content is King. A staff writer will be qualified to write strategic posts, captivating blogs and industry relevant reports that will all lean towards making you the leading voice in your industry.

Photographer/Videographer: $62,257 per year

Yes, an iPhone will do. But a professional photographer/videographer will bring you fresh content every month so that the same images and videos are not recycle ad nauseam. Now that Facebook has announced a preference to video content, your videographer is at par with the writer in important role for content creation.

TOTAL:  Social Media Department Salary: $380,647.00 per year + advertising costs

If your company already has a marketing department and assuming you already have on staff a graphic artist, web developer and content creator,  you would only need to hire a Social media manager at $54,238. This is still more than 2x the cost of outsourcing to a social media agency. 

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