Ten Resolutions to Make in 2018

PT. 1. Happy New Year! May all your resolutions make it to February (at least). If you’ve resolved to eat less, drink less, exercises more, sleep more, then we’ve got one more for you. Let this year be the year your social media campaigns work in your favour.

First Things First

Clean up your act

Have you changed your logo? Your branding? Your overall message to keep aligned with our fast growing times? No? Do it! You’re not Coca-Cola. You won’t lose all your Instagram followers. On the contrary, having a fresh look in line with the latest trends can help keep you relevant and force you to consistently rethink your branding. But if you’ve been ballsy enough to do it and your facebook page sports your shiny new logo while your neglected twitter account carries the old logo, we’re talking to you! Take the time to ensure all your online and offline marketing materials are aligned with your new branding efforts across all your social media channels.

Make your website mobile friendly

Seriously. It’s 2017.

There was a time, circa 1990, when I spent $650.00 on a pair of short white cowboy boots (hey! Don’t judge!). It was the most expensive piece of anything I owned and I cherished every tiny stitch. A few years later, as fashion goes, the boots became obsolete and passed its prime. But the memory of the $650 price tag stayed oh so fresh in my mind for decades to come. So I held on to these white cowboy boots hoping someday they would be spotted on Kylie Jenner or any of the Kardashians proving I did not waste $650.00 but instead, invested in footwear now worth thousands!

Is this you? Are you holding out redesigning your $8000.00 website from 2007 because you’re terrified that on the very day you finally launch your $1500 responsive website, the world will switch to a hologram based technology?

It could happen. Meanwhile, your $8k site looks like this:

Social Media Management

Invest in good images or a great camera

Your website is really as good as your images and with the advent of all things filtered, taking good images has become child’s play. But even if you don’t feel confident enough to choose between the X-Pro II or the Juno filter, rest assured, there’s a ton of millenial who were trained in the womb and are way ahead of you. Find them hashtagged on Instagram expertly taking product-placed selfies while sipping organic fair trade coffee in a sustainable biodegradable cup. They are all underestimated artists, all writers and all natural born photographers.

But if you can’t seem to stomach this bundle of vile, there are many affordable stockphoto sites offering a variety of images to replace the ones you took from your Nokia 8235 flip phone.

Know your viewers

So you own a water bottling company. You’ve been spending a ton of cash on advertising but the message just doesn’t seem to flow (hehe). Knowing your demographics will sharpen your message and reach your intended audience.

I cannot count how many times business owners have answered “everyone” when I ask them to describe their target market. Even if everyone needs your product, how do you target everyone? Yes, we all need water. But the way you sell your water bottle to someone who claims to hate water cannot be the same as selling to health gurus who measure drops of rain absorbed through the skin as part of their daily intake of 64.3 ounces.

So how do you hone in on your target market? Well, if everyone needs your product, choose a target market and focus on making them your primary types of clients. In turn, your social media posts will be aligned with your website message and offline branding efforts.

Stay Tuned for part 2 coming next week!

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