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DEEP TEXT: Facebook search just got smarter

Facebook Search engine has become more powerful today with the announcement of DEEP TEXT, an artificial Intelligence search engine that understands the context and meaning behind posts and comments.


“We want Deep Text to be used in categorizing content within Facebook to facilitate searching for it and also surfacing the right content to users,” Hussein Mehanna, an engineering director at Facebook’s machine learning team, told Quartz.

Google has long been using AI to interpret the meaning behind search terms. Facebook is now competing directly with Google to become the leader in online search.

“It makes sense, absolutely. An average user visits Facebook at least 17 times a day. There’s no reason to leave Facebook, log on to Google and search for things that are not as up to date as they are on Facebook.”

Of course Facebook still has a long way to do. Google is the hub of all online Knowledge.

“People turn to Google for advise, for answers for directions, for almost everything. Facebook has a long way to go to not only offer an all encompassing playground like Google, but to instinctively become the place to seek out information.”

But Facebook is not far off. Over a billion people check Facebook daily and upload trillions of status updates, event information, photos and videos. Facebook is collecting a mass amount of data that can easily be categorized and delivered according to search terms, interests and paid advertising.

It has been more than a year since Facebook has upgraded their search abilities. For example, if you search for flowers on Facebook, you will get results that will span across all posts from your friend’s pictures and status updates about flowers, local flower shops and any news related items.

Deep text is intended to refine those search results and interpret what you mean by searching for the term flowers. Based on that analysis, it will return results relevant to what you are looking for.

Deep text also claims to be relevant in over 20 languages and understand similar words across languages including slang.

Deep text is already the AI behind the recently launched CHATBOX for Facebook Messenger.

“With Deep text categorizing all your posts, you can now sell products online more effectively. If you post an item for sale, DEEP TEXT can collect all the information available on that item including price, location, details and help you better advertise the item. Unlike Craigslist or Ebay where you post your product and wait for someone to search the keyword attached to your product, Facebook is able to find you a buyer who is looking for a similar product according to the potential buyers recent searches, posts and queries?”

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