Discover Companies Like Yours Who Have Found Success With Ganian Media

We are proud to serve industries across all sectors. Our goal is to build strong visual identities that create brand awareness and launch online marketing campaigns that increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Avicor (Re)Brand: Brand Identity, logo, print collaterals, website.

Leader in the construction and design field outgrow their humble begin and look for a strong identity to mirror their success. View

Artsnb: (Re)Branding

The New Brunswick Art Board needed a new look and feel and chose our designers for their makeover. We stepped in and designed a brand new logo, a website to match and all new collaterals. View

Phoenix Packaging International (Re)Brand: Magazine ads, trade show collaterals

A leader in the field, Phoenix packaging needed help creating a series of magazine ads that respected their master theme and colors. View

3H Coffee Club Brand(Launch): E-commerce development and branding

What do you do when you have damn good coffee and need a strong social media presence? You develop a strong brand and develop awareness. Our branding experts worked to makes this coffee stand apart from the rest. View

Sposina Luisa: Social media marketing

A bridal shop tucked away in the east end of Montreal was looking to increase their brand awareness and customer engagement. They teamed up with our social media consultants and the rest is history. View

Salt Sun Sea Brand (Launch): E-commerce and Influencer Marketing

Salt Sun Sea is a custom made apparel shop with print on demand and a dropship set up. Their beach apparel targets a young market looking for a beach life vibe.  With a little help from influencers and an affiliate market, Salt Sun Sea took their online sales to the next level. View

Residence Anjou: Social media marketing

Although a recognizable staple in the community, Residence anjou was missing the one key component that would take them to the next level. With no online presence, we were called in to represent them online. Residence Anjou went from social zero to social hero within the first six months. View

Clinique de Physiotherapie: Social media management and content creation

With one foot already into social media, Clinique de Physiotherapie de Montreal wanted to take their marketing potential to the next step. Our social media managers took their brand awareness and customer engagement to the next level. View

The Men’s Issue Brand (Launch): Logo, brand identity, collaterals

Online magazine gathering a mass following and quickly growing to become a heavy influencer in the fashion industry. View