Should You Hire A Social Media Employee or An Agency

Social Media Employee vs Social Media Agency

Employee vs Agency

Social Media Marketing has become such a form of advertising and reaching clients. The ever changing platforms have given rise to a breed of experts who keep up with the training and the trends, honing their skills with every post. But is it more cost efficient to hire a full-time employee or outsource your social media needs to an agency?

Social Media Employee vs Social Media Agency

A Social Media Concierge at Ganian Media costs $9000.00 per year. Compare to traditional and less measurable forms of advertising:

Full time social media employees: $51,000k a year

It is nearly 6x more expensive to hire a social media employee

This does not include the cost of social media training, software, applications, equipment, employee turnover, and payroll taxes.

Part-time employees and interns are an alternate option but require training, guidance and hands-on management.

One of the major problems of social media employees, part-time of full time is employee turn over. We often hear the same complaints from business owners concerning employee loyalty and commitment. The time and money you’ve invested in training in the employee ends up benefiting your competitor. Of course, you;re next step is to start the process over again.

By hiring a social media company, you don’t have to worry about employee turnover or training. In fact, most agencies will use more advanced training platforms and techniques.

Social media employees are overwhelmed with tasks

Beyond deploying a successful social media campaign and painting your online brand, your social media employee needs to also be skilled with graphic design, content creation, and web knowledge.

Social media employees also tend to rely heavily on a companies marketing plan rather than be result-driven. Conversely, social media companies want to retain their clients by providing effective social media marketing solutions.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media agencies are more qualified than social media employees

Social media marketing agencies specialize in social media and are able to leverage their experience. Agencies work in teams with multiple social media experts staying up to date with every aspect of online marketing. The amount of knowledge and expertise is no comparable to an isolated employee within a company whose sole focus not social media marketing.

Other forms of traditional advertising:

Social Media Concierge: $187.750 per week
Radio Ad: $2500 per week
Billboard: $10,000 per week
Tv Ad:  $20,000 for 15 seconds
Publi-sac: $10,000 on mailing

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