B2B Content Marketing: What Every B2B company needs to know

B2B Marketing for Social Media

Content Marketing for B2B: After years of being unconvinced of value behind social media marketing, B2B is finally beginning to realize where their marketing efforts need to be focused.

B2B Marketing for Social Media

However, when it comes to measuring the success of what is working and what isn’t, B2B is still struggling.

Although still in its maturing phase, content marketing or B2B has emerged to become an established form of marketing. But is it too early to gage what is working and what isn’t?

87% of B2B companies engage in content marketing

Why does content marketing work?

Content marketing across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin , Twitter work because they are great lead generators. Rather than target potential clients that have never shown an interest in your product or services, online visitors can easily be converted into leads via web forms, downloads, demos or surveys.

Although these “giveaways” are nothing new in the marketing industry, social media platforms allow for a wider distribution of content and measurable performance.

What type of content marketing is most effective?

Correctly matching the content to the intended target has always been the deciding factor in the success of a marketing campaign. But now, with the advent and power of social media, matching the content to the intended target on the right platform is the formula for success.

For example, Instagram users aren’t on Instagram looking for a plumber. A plumber whose marketing efforts are directed toward Pinterest or Instagram may find his work very laborious and fruitless and wrongly conclude that social media marketing or content marketing doesn’t work in his industry.

However, a plumber whose content marketing involves demos on Youtube, free consultations sponsored on Facebook, or case studies published on Linkedin to major construction companies, will absolutely have a more positive take on social media platforms.

How will you measure success with content marketing?

This is one question we get asked a lot. How will I know it’s working. Yes, the end of the laborious line of content marketing should lead to increased sales. But more often than not and much like a tv commercial or billboard ad, it does not equate directly to a sale.

Your best plan is to have a measurable strategy for your content. For example, 100% of sign ups to your online form will be qualified leads. How many of those leads would need to produce to a face to face meeting for you to consider content marketing successful?

Approach social media platforms as a powerful lead generator when paired with the right viewer on the right platform; Establish a strategy and a measurable goal; track your efforts through CRMs and statistical analysis.

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